Tokyo In The Rain Is An Electric Nightlife Paradise

Sometimes, a city can catch you off guard. One minute, you’re back at the same old spots revisiting the same old memories, the next you’re seeing things in a whole new and novel light. That’s what happened to videogame designer Liam Wong when he visited Tokyo recently. There as part of a promotional tour, he always loved the location. But now, with camera in hand, he discovered a whole new photographic subtext to the bustling metropolis. He began exploring, and taking pictures. The results can be seen below. One night, after it rained, Wong felt the city come to life. As he described it, in his own words, “It was like being inside Gaspar Noé’s film, Enter The Void, or living in the cyberpunk world that Syd Mead had created in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner.” Indeed, one look at the images below and those two films instantly come to mind. And what makes the views all the more impressive? Wong just snapped away. He didn’t wait for a perfect setting or atmospheric lighting. Just point and click and the magic happened. See if you don’t agree: