Apple starts teasing new features coming to iPhone and iPad

Apple is using pop-up alerts to tease new features coming to the iPhone and iPad. The company began rolling out new "tips" pop-ups on Tuesday. Users may have started to see the alerts appear on iPhones and iPads that look like the image above. The tips show users some of the new features that are going to launch soon in iOS 11. Features highlighted in the pop-up alert include a switch that will prevent you from getting any alerts while you're driving and an updated control center that lets you to control everything from your Apple TV to your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings with a swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone's screen. We've covered plenty of the changes, but it's a smart move by Apple to show folks what's going to change so that new features in iOS 11 don't catch its user base by surprise. Apple highlights new features coming to control center, which allows you to change your phone's settings, the new "files" application, a do not disturb while driving mode, new "live" photos effects and more. If you own an iPhone or an iPad, it's worth walking through the pop-up if you see it. That way you'll know a bit more about iOS 11 when it releases.