How To Bypass VoIP Block By Service Providers Digicel And Flow

“How can one bypass the VoIP Block?” is a popular question that has been asked by customers of Digicel and Flow who have recently fallen victims to the gruesome blocking of popular VoIP services such as Viber and other popular apps which allow customers to make and receive very affordable voice calls over the internet. Some would categorize these VoIP calls as free but the word free used in this context is relative. It is free if you share you internet connection with a less fortunate friend. However, considering that every connection to the internet comes as a cost to the owner then VoIP calls are simply very affordable calls made over the internet that help to save the user from high bills accumulated by standard phone calls. Our local mobile network providers have blocked VoIP calls, but there are solutions that will allow you to bypass VoIP blocking and continue making your VoIP calls over 3G and 4G networks. One solution comes in the form of an app called Hideman. Hideman provides a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is a technology allowing you to transfer your data via multiple secure servers located in different countries across the world. Simply put, Hideman fakes your internet connection whether it be 3G or 4G and allows you to make whichever app you connect to the internet think that you are connected from another country. Using Hideman VPN, Digicel and LIME are unable to block your use of Viber and other VoIP apps or even Facebook for a matter of fact. This is because you are not connecting to Viber directly from Digicel and LIME networks instead you connect to a random server within a country or your choice across the world and that server connects to Viber. Please note that both the person making and receiving the VoIP call must have Hideman installed and running. First, launch Hideman and connect to selected country then select the connect option. When Hideman is connected, you can then launch your VoIP app. For all the great advantages that Hideman VPN offers, it’s not a surprise that it’s not a free app. You do however get to use the app for 5 hours per week for free and you can pay just US $1 for 10 hours or subscribe to use the app for US $2.90 unlimited per month. Hideman is also used for many other great reasons such as accessing websites that are blocked to other countries and to remain anonymous while online. CS: Addictootech