Google Is Recording Everything You Say.

According to The Independent, Google’s voice search function doesn’t just turn on when you ask it to. Rather, it records almost everything. The outlet reports that Google began doing this in June of 2015. Feeling unnerved yet? Well, it gets even wilder. You see, you can listen to the recordings Google has stored and associated with your name simply by visiting this webpage the company set up. There’s also this webpage that will show you how much Google knows about your every move on the internet. Both webpages will contain information from not only computers but any Android device you’ve logged in to your Google account with. How to Delete the Recordings Luckily, if you’re not too happy about Google having potentially hours of your voice in its database, you can delete those files. Beside each file’s title you’ll see a check box. Simply select that box and click delete. How to Stop Google from Recording You Again? Now, as The Independent points out, stopping Google from recording you does result in some limited functionality if you’re using an Android phone or the company’s search. However, you may be someone whose concern for privacy is much greater than finding what you’re looking for easily. If so, begin by never using Google’s voice search functions again. Follow up by disabling Google’s voice search. outlines the following instructions for Android users. 1. Navigate to Settings 2. Tap the General tab 3. Under “Personal” find “Language and Input” 4. Find “Google voice typing” and tap the Settings button 5. Tap “Ok Google” Detection 6. “Under the”From the Google app” option, move the slider to the left Want to learn more about Google’s creepy recording database? Check out this video.