Bolt ranked 32nd among the world’s highest paid sportsmen

According to Forbes Magazine, Bolt, who completed the triple treble at the Rio Olympic Games, is 32nd ranked among the world’s highest paid sportsmen. The three time winner of the Olympic Games 100m, 200m and 4x100m, is said to be earning US$32.5 million yearly – US$2.5 in appearance fees and US$30 million in endorsements. The top 100 list, which is without any other track and field athlete, has Portuguese and Real Madrid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, at the top with US$80m – US$56m salary and US$32m endorsements and Argentina and Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, US$81.4m with 53.4m and $28m, respectively. Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball top man, LeBron James, with $77.2m, Swiss professional tennis player, Roger Federer, $67.8m and Golden State Warriors star player, Kevin Durant, another basketballer with $56.2m – all total earnings – round off the top 5.