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Reopen the Entertainment Sector Says KNL CEO, Nicholas Garvey

CEO of Kingston Nightlife, Nicholas Garvey is renewing calls for the Government of Jamaica to reopen the Entertainment sector, with stipulations in an effort to mitigate the number of illegal parties that are being held islandwide. His comments follow a series of party shutdowns and statements by the Minister of Local Government, Desmond McKenzie that some 300 illegal events are promoted each week as many Jamaicans continue to disregard the health protocols that are in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 on the island. While the Government has sought to stop these parties in their tracks, Garvey believes that the answer is to open a legal channel for events to be held. "Venues that can accommodate over 1000 patrons should be allowed to host events at half its capacity and permits should be granted to host entertainment events.” He says while the threat of the Coronavirus remains a top priority, shutting down an entire industry is not the answer. “We have to figure out how to re-open the entertainment industry while taking precautions and implementing social distancing. Shutting down an entire industry we can't afford”. Garvey says instead of blocking events from taking place, should promoters and venue owners fail to adhere to the proper protocols, they should be hit with fines and their entertainment licenses rescinded.