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UK Arrivals Upset Over Mandatory State Quarantine

Video footage has surfaced on social media showcasing passengers of one of the UK flights which were exempt from the Travel Ban, reacting to the news that they would be quarantined upon arrival into the country. The Jamaican Government on Monday announced it was banning all flights from the UK with immediate effect, but one airplane was already on its way here when the news broke. In the video, passengers are heard cursing expletives and demanding that they be allowed to go home. The 302 passengers, who arrived on the flight from the UK on Monday, will be kept in state quarantine for a minimum of 48 hours. The passengers will be sampled and will have to await their COVID-19 test result. Travellers who are negative for COVID-19 will be released to complete their mandatory 14 day quarantine, while those who are positive will be isolated until recovered. The Ministry has been further advised that the two other flights which were expected to arrive in the country today, Tuesday, December 22, were cancelled.