Bank Teller Quits Job To Sell Sex Toys, An Industry Worth Just Over US$20 Billion Annually Worldwide

With the adult novelty industry set to be worth over US$20 billion annually worldwide, it is understandable why Lyndon Dawes decided to ditch his job as a bank teller to cash in on the sex toy business. "I wanted to do my own business so I started selling phones but the business got really congested. I told my mother that I had an interest in doing the toy business and one day she just call me and told me she ordered some and I should see what I can do with them," he said. Within two days, Dawes stock of about 30 sex toys were sold out and that signalled the genesis of his adult novelties business. Currently, he operates his online store called Adult Toys and Entertainment Ja, which boasts adult customers of all ages with a demography from 'uptown to downtown. "From the persons selling newspaper on the street to those in Parliament, and I have gone to church on Sundays to do delivery before," he said. HIGH DEMAND According to Dawes, with Valentines Day fast approaching, the demand is high for the sex wands and thrusting rabbits. "These two make the perfect gifts. The wands are in high demand now. It is used to massage the female clit and it is USB rechargeable and it has 18 speeds. Playing second would be the thrusting rabbit, which can be inserted and also provide clitoral stimulation," he said. He stated that his clientele also includes lots of males who often times purchase toys for their personal pleasure. "Within the past six months our male customers have been tripled. More men are buying items for their girlfriends or even themselves. The fleshlight is what they often buy as it is like a fake vagina. Next in line is the penis ring or pump, which is great for erectile problems," he said. Source: The Star