Artiste Scammed Of $750,000

An overseas-based reggae and Dancehall artiste claims he was scammed by a local public-relations (PR) company that promised him music videos, interviews and guaranteed airplay on radio. The artiste, who goes by the stage name President Mega, said he was introduced to a publicist while on a visit to Jamaica from the United States of America in July. "I was introduced to this PR company and him seh him like mi music and seh him wi work wid mi ting, and so him send me a couple of different packages for me to buy and told me to choose the one that I want and he will work on my career by giving me publicity," President Mega said he paid over $750,000 to the company in a bid to gain more popularity in the country of his birth. As part of the promotional package, President Mega said he was promised four interviews in the various newspapers. He was also told that his music video would be aired on television programmes. NOTHING DONE "I take my hard-earned money and give it to this man and him seh that him going to do this stuff and he doesn't do it," the entertainer fumed. While he wants the publicist to deliver services promised, he argues that he doesn't want the industry player's reputation to be tarnished. Meanwhile, Dennis Howard general manager radio services for the RJRGLEANER Communications Group, is urging artistes to investigate whether the deals that they are being offered can be achieved before they pay over money companies or individuals. "Artistes really have to be careful and do their homework. You can't just listen somebody, you have to do due diligence, and if anybody tell you anything that sound too far-fetched, don't believe them," Howard said. This article was originally published on