Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) Cancelled

Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) will not be held this year, as the organizers, local modelling agency Pulse, prepares to launch its latest venture, Resort Fashion Week in June of next year. The announcement was on Friday (June 1) night at the Pulse Centre in New Kingston, with Pulse chairman Kingsley Cooper noting that this new initiative will maintain the traditions established by CFW, but will feature resort collections and is expected to attract international designers who will present in the region. “This was always in the making,” Cooper told the Jamaica Observer. “The time has come to reset and refresh the way we present our product. We have always seen ourselves as innovators and this is just another step along that trajectory. So we don't see it as the end of Caribbean Fashion Week, but rather a progression to this new level. The format of the Resort Fashion Week will be very similar to CFW; the major difference is that we will be asking designers to present resort collections. The truth is this has become very popular internationally and almost every major designer has a resort line. We think it is a perfect match as when you think of the Caribbean, one immediately thinks of the sun, sand, beaches and our resorts and tourism... so a resort collection is a perfect fit. The international media comes to the Caribbean for this... the truth is they never come for the couture,” said Cooper. He noted that the first installation of the new event will be held in Kingston, but the plan is for Resort Fashion Week to be executed in other countries throughout the region as well as other major cities around the world. A companion event is also being planned for London next year. Cooper explained that the objective of Resort Fashion Week is to develop the business side of this sector. “The concept is driven by some key objectives, and chief among them is to give designers an opportunity to do export business within the Caribbean by selling to the resort market and targeting the 12 million tourists who visit the Caribbean each year. This focus on our low-hanging fruit is an excellent and efficient way of building brands and the export market within the region,” he said.