Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

If you could lower your risk of getting cancer by steering clear of certain foods, you'd cross them off your grocery list immediately, right? That's a no-brainer, especially since a recent report from the American Cancer Society estimates that more than half of the cancer deaths in the United States were related to preventable causes. Chances are the 15 cancer-causing foods and beverages listed below are part of your daily diet, but if continued good health is a priority, then making some changes shouldn't be a big deal. And if the thought of giving of giving up or limiting your intake of these foods stresses you out, consider this — studies indicate that there's a 1 in 2 chance that men will get cancer, and a 1 in 3 chance for women. 1. Red Meat Steak Sorry, meat lovers. The Cancer Council reports that people who consistently eat red meat have a greater chance of getting bowel cancer and it's also related to an increase in breast cancer cases. So, if you're grilling up steaks and burgers on a regular basis, you may want to cut back (or eat grass fed organic beef) because cancer sucks. 2. Soda If you've been trying to kick your soda habit, now's the time. According to the CNA, the type of sugar found in soda (fructose) can cause cancer cells to multiply when it acidifies in your body. And let's not forget that dark caramel color in your favorite soda — it's a carcinogen, otherwise known as a substance that can cause cancer. 3. Farmed Salmon Salmon is delicious and has some great health benefits, but you must be mindful about the type of salmon you are eating — wild caught salmon is a much better choice than farmed salmon. A study performed at the University of Albany revealed that farmed salmon can be "full of cancer causing contaminants" including pesticides, antibiotics, PCBs, and, in some cases, flame retardants. 4. Highly Salted Foods It's a tough pill to swallow, but bacon is high in fat and salt, something that may increase the risk of getting stomach or colorectal cancer. Same goes for bologna, salami, sausage, and other processed meats.