Bow Wow Plans To Pull Out Of 'So So Def' Tour, Goes on Wild Twitter Rant

Shad “Bow Wow” Moss wants to trade in the glitz and glam for a more simple life. The “Like You” rapper sent shockwaves throughout the Twitter-sphere when he announced a money giveaway on Cash App so that he can go live in North Carolina “with my girl.” So far, one social media user has publicized Moss’ $500 gift. But the monetary offering wasn’t the only reveal that Moss shared with his followers. The 31-year-old artist/actor claimed that he might back out of the upcoming So So Def Tour. The famed label founded by Jermaine Dupri is celebrating its 25th anniversary. “I’m the one that stirs up stuff I’m always in the news jd nem don’t need that,” Moss tweeted. “So if I have to fall back I will.”

I really dont want to mess up the so so def tour so im thinking about not going. Im the one that stirs up stuff im always in the news jd nem dont need that. So if i have to falll back i will. — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
Sure it is. Yall will enjoy the concert. Ill be at home https://t.co/JlUJ5jHxwd — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
Ima sit this out! I gotta get my mind right bruh. They wont miss me. Im the most hated artist in the world i feel like so …. https://t.co/WHrPRbgJWq — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
Columbus hates me. So… me doing any good still not good. Im always in a LOSE LOSE https://t.co/08HkYAvmjJ — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018

Moss’ revelation allegedly stems from one person’s claim that he was caught at a club cheating on his girlfriend. Moss then proceeded to lace his response with profanities and called out blogs for perpetuating rumors.

Bitch get the fuck off our timeline. U live in nyc! Dont be tweeting my wife that dumb ass shit. For you get your fucking block knocked off. Die slow bitch — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
I dont do cameras u stupid bitch! Come in my section recording! So we shut your bright ass camera down u got mad so u tweet my bitch. Id pay a bitch 1000 to slap the lacefront off yo dusty ass! This goes for the rest of you hoes! LEAVE ME AND MINE THE FUCK ALONE https://t.co/CIru94RNvs — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018

Moss has remained an open book when it comes to his inner thoughts. In a previous interview with “The Breakfast Club,” the Ohio native said he’s encountered suicidal thoughts. “I done lapped the world eight times,” he said. “…Sometimes I just question life like what is there left for me to do? I’ve done everything that I really wanted to do. Now it’s like what’s next?”

View his previous tweets below, including the person who received $500 from Moss’ Cash App account.

Man you know what! FUCK EVERYBODY! Im on 1 today! Mafukkas do too much BITCH SHIT nowadays! Next person whip they fucking phone out while im in the club tryna host blinding me whith that light IMA SLAP YOUR SHIT OUT YOUR FUCKING HANDS MYSELF. — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
I dont give a fuck about that lil money. Or your cheap ass phone. Dont ever come for me or mine ever you ugly bitch! You can clown all day about me but once u put my girl in it IM TRIPPN! fuck this famous shit — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
When i land i gotta go see my therapist …. I SEE RED AGAIN IM@ OUT TO DO SOMETHING STUPID TO SOMEONE TODAY! Mafukkas keep playing with me. This go for you bloggers too… im not done i got time today — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
I hate you fucking bloggers too! Shaderoom i fuck with. All you other gossiping ass hateful sites FUCK YOU! your comment sections FUCK YOU! SMASH OR PASS BULLSHIT I WOULDNT FUCK YOU UGLY I SHOP AT LANE BRYANT BITCHES EVER! FUCK YOU! — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018
Ima quit all this shit. Down size my home. Sale everything. And go work at gamestop. Id probably be the happiest man in the world. trade my cars in and buy a PROBE — Bow Wow (@smoss) July 30, 2018