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- Website Advertising
- Social Media Promotion & Marketing
- Graphic Design
- Media Coverage
- Digital Media Distribution + Promotions (For Artists)
- Mobile & Web Apps

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Digital + Social Media Marketing

/ PM

Save up to U$184.00 on advertising and promo each month

Managing Events And Weekly Promotions?

Website promotion - Promotional feature and event listing
Promoting a featured event or service

Special event highlights and photo coverage
Highlights and coverage of your events weekly

Social Media Advertising
Weekly advertising campaigns (Target marketing)
S.M Advertising Budget US$30
Platforms: Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook

S.M Promotion + Advertising

Promotion 360


Need To Promote An Event, Concert Or Product?

Social Media Promotion & Advertisng
Platforms - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Kingston Nightlife
Facebook and Instagram Ads
Reach 10, 000 up 40, 000 + across all platforms

Graphic Design (Logo/banner/Flyer) (Optional)
With a U$40 credit for jobs amounting to the amount credited or less.
Creative and idea driven content designers

Website Advertising (Kingston Nightlife)
Banner/Flyer Ad
Placement - Page Top (Ad Slot #1) + Right Col (Ad Slot #2)

Advertising + Promotion


S.M Promotions
Platforms - Kingston Nightlife, Instagram and Facebook
Reach 5, 000 up + Across platforms

Website Advertising (Kingston Nightlife)
Banner Size – 250px x 250px

Graphic Design (Flyer / Banner)
Quality graphic design by creative designers

Graphic Design


Get Premium Quality Artwork

Creative and quality design by content driven designers.
. Logo / banners / Flyers / Posters / Cover Art

100% Digital Distribution
100% Online Advertising
100% + SM Promotion
Get Started.